Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Week Timeline

This is a good Timeline for Holy Week. Many Evangelicals are more unfamiliar with these events than we should be. It would be good to take some time to meditate on this most holy of weeks. It is holy since after these events, Christ's work was finished. We can now be saved and set apart to God through the merits of Christ and Christ alone. It isn't the week itself that makes us holy, set apart for God. It is what Christ did that makes us holy, sanctified, set apart for His service by faith in Him.

Superstitious religion sees the week itself and reinacting the events as somehow imparting merit. They miss the point. It is faith in the finished work of Christ that saves us, not the observation of religious ceremonies and traditions.

Even so, we are blessed when we remember what Christ did for us as recorded in the Word of God. This is the heart of the Gospel - Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the 3rd day, then appeared alive to many people.
(1 Corinthians 15:1ff)
The Last Week

A.D. 30
The Triumphal Entry
Mt 21:1-11
Mk 11:1-10
Lk 19:29-44
Jn 12:12-19

A.D. 30
Jesus curses the fig tree
Mt 21:18-19
Mk 11:12-14
Jesus cleanses the temple
Mt 21:12-13
Mk 11:15-18

A.D. 30
The authority of Jesus questioned
Mt 21:23-27
Mk 11:27-33
Lk 20:1-8
Jesus teaches in the temple
Mt 21:28-23:29
Mk 12:1-44
Lk 20:9-21:4
Jesus anointed
Mt 26:6-13
Mk 14:3-9
Jn 12:2-11

A.D. 30
The plot against Jesus
Mt 26:14-16
Mk 14:10-11
Lk 23:3-61

A.D. 30
The Last Supper
Mt 26:17-29
Mk 14:12-25
Lk 22:7-20
Jn 13:1-38
Jesus comforts the disciples
Jn 14:1-16:33
Mt 26:36-46
Mk 14:32-42
Lk 22:40-46

A.D. 30
Thursday night & Friday
Jesus' arrest and trial
Mt 26:47-27:26
Mk 14:43-15:15
Lk 22:47-23:25
Jn 18:2-19:16

A.D. 30
Jesus' crucifixion and death
Mt 27:27-56
Mk 15:16-41
Lk 23:26-49
Jn 19:17-30
Josheph's Tomb
The burial of Jesus
Mt 27:57-66
Mk 15:42-47
Lk 23:50-56
Jn 19:31-42

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