Saturday, November 8, 2008

Voices Against Slavery - Baroness Cox

Voices Against Slavery - Part 10
Baroness Cox

"Caroline Cox was born in 1937 and started her career as a nurse. She became a member of the House of Lords in 1982.

The House of Lords is part of the British parliament and is responsible for approving new laws put forward by the government.

In the House of Lords, she is well known as someone who speaks out about people suffering in countries where they are denied their human rights or are victims of war and injustice.

Baroness Cox has worked to improve human rights in many countries including Poland, Russia, Burma, and Sudan. She is President of Christian Solidarity Worldwide - U.K., a charity that works on behalf of Christians suffering because of their beliefs. CSW also promotes religious freedom for all.

In January 1995 she received the annual Wilberforce Forum Award in Washington. This award is given to people who show the principles and commitment of William Wilberforce by their actions."

p. 148 - Voices Against Slavery - Catherine House

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