Saturday, November 8, 2008

Voices Against Slavery - Harriet Tubman

Voices Against Slavery - Part 7
Harriet Tubman

"In 1849, Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery in the American state of Maryland. The next year she became a conductor for the Underground Railroad and helped other slaves to escape to freedom. Over the next ten years she made about nineteen rescue trips and rescued over 300 people. Many of these people were her friends and members of her family. She helped more people escape by giving them practical advice and encouragement.

Tubman supported the abolition movement and its leaders. She was a favourite speaker at antislavery meetings. During the American Civil War, Tubman worked as a nurse, scout and spy for the Union. During this time she helped to liberate slaves during military raids on southern plantations.

After the war, she lived in Auburn, New York, and was an active member of the American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. She worked for the voting rights of black people and founded the Harriet Tubman Home for Aged Negroes. Harriet Tubman died in 1913."

p. 104 of Voices Against Slavery by Catherine House

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